We are licensed clinical psychologists offering general and specialized support to families on the South Shore through our Hingham private practice setting.  We have specialized training to work with children and families in need of parenting support, assitance in developing healthier patterns of behavior, and improving relationships with other family members. In addition to general therapy, we offer specialized services for children with skill deficits as well as neurodevelopmental and autism spectrum disorder intervention.  Our approaches are research based and have proven efficacy.  We use a blend of cognitive behavioral and client-centered therapy approaches to treat a wide range of conditions.  We have additional expertise in:

  Collaborative Problem Solving

  The Early Start Denver Model

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  The use of visual supports and structured teaching methods


Services may include:

Consultation regarding behaviors at home or school

Behavioral intervention to address delays in development

Parenting support 

Individualized, group or family therapy approaches

Social skills groups or play based intervention

Intervention to build daily living skills or self help skills, such as toileting 

Consultation to other agencies or clinicians

Inservices, Lectures or Seminars


Dr. Larry Epstein is also the originator of the Calm, Compassionate Parenting™ and Calm, Compassionate Teaching™ approaches.  For more information, please visit www.calmcompassion.com